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Healing Ritual Sprays

Ritual Healing Sprays are particularly catering to those who appreciate the Herbalist of Old. These recipes are a result of their expertise in understanding the mystical properties of the plants.

Practitioners in the healing professions enjoy this product range for themselves and their clients. 


Essential Oils are commonly known as the essence of the plant, therefore contain many healing properties. Take a minute or so to still your mind, release, relax, then bring into focus your heart felt feelings of what your needing in this moment. Imagine co-creating with the combination of essential oils in the blend you have chosen. Just in this moment consider the possibility of a little universal assistance and healing for yourself.

How do you use them

Always shake the bottle to activate the essential oils. Close your eyes and spray 3 or 4 pumps above your head. Take some deep breaths and allow the mixture to settle on your face, hair and in your auric field.

When do you use them

When ever you feel inspired to do so.

Zodiac Range

If you have an understanding of Astrology you can use these blends to bring about certain manifestations and mind states. Such as Pisces for a meditative state. Sagittarius for energy and fun. Capricorn for ambition and work. Just some possibilities. Your imagination is your limits! Zodiac Sign ~ the plants in the blend are known to share the same planet as you therefore your “Power Plants”.

Spiritual Blends

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