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Facial Cleansers

Facial Cleansers

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Rose-Geranium, Red Clay & Honey Facial Cleanser ~ 100ml

Decongests tired skin & purifies with Red Clay
Effectively removes make-up
Non-drying leaving skin soft & moist
Healing properties of Coconut Cream & Honey

Great for Mature skins and for those who wear 
makeup daily!

Lavender & Honey Facial Cleanser ~ 100ml

Non-drying leaves skin soft & Smooth
Purifies, Heals with Honey & Lavender
Removes make-up and grime effectively

Good for blemished younger skin!

How to use

Only a very small amount is required. 

Apply with moist hands to face adding more water to hands and lather up. 

Remove in shower or with warm cloth. Repeat if removing make-up.

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